Kamala Harris Caught On Camera – She’s Ruined

Democratic Senator Kamala Harris of California was just caught on camera. The video is going viral, and her political career is ruined.

The presidential candidate was approached at the airport by Hispanic activist Anna Paulina, a conservative pundit affiliated with the group Turning Points USA. Paulina called out Harris for snubbing her.

“Ran into @SenKamalaHarris at the airport. Shame on her. She exploits Hispanic women and children for votes,” Paulina tweeted, along with a video of the exchange.

Initially, Harris appeared friendly to Paulina, however, once Paulina revealed her affiliation, Harris quickly tried to end the discussion and got one of her staffers involved.

This just proves that liberals like Harris are only interested in opinions from minorities if they believe Democrat ideas, which is exactly the point Paulina made in her tweet about the incident.

Harris can be seen in interviews with CNN and MSNBC race-baiting on a regular basis to support her open-borders agenda. But she doesn’t care about Hispanics, only raw political power as a means to an end.

See the full story here.

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