Kamala Harris Career Decision – Rumors Were True

An analysis by MRC Newsbusters showed that Comcast and NBC News executives favored Sen. Kamala Harris in the first round of Democrat Presidential primary debates, allowing her to interrupt others’ responses during the debate and giving her more than the allotted time to answer a question.

In fact, 12 executives from the two companies donated to Harris’s campaign before the debate. The donations raise questions about conflicts of interest on the part of the media companies and whether the debates were influenced by the personal preferences of executives.

The Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics says that journalists need to “Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived. Disclose unavoidable conflicts.”

Several of the executives who donated to Harris’ campaign are directly involved in oversight of NBC News and run political advertising sales for Comcast. Their direct involvement in areas that could be influenced by their personal political views is a clear conflict of interest.

This is just one of many examples of media bias and how the media tries to tell people what to think and who to elect.

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