Kamala Harris Bribery Scandal Explodes – This Is Horrifying

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) was just exposed for a horrifying act. The truth about what she did is spreading like wildfire and her presidential campaign is in major trouble.

While Harris served as California attorney general, Tony Podesta’s ex-wife, Heather, made three donations to her campaign. Podesta was representing a marketing company at the time and Harris rejected a request to investigate them for shady business practices.

Herbalife, the company in question, hired Heather Podesta about a year later and, shockingly, there’s a connection with Harris’s husband (Douglas Emhoff) as well. He was employed by the law firm Veneble LLC, a firm representing Herbalife.

There are too many coincidences here to avoid making connections, and Americans deserve an answer from Harris. She already has a powerful position as a U.S. senator and bribery should not be tolerated in any our elected officials.

Further complicating matters for Harris is that Herbalife — which specializes in multi-level marketing — allegedly took advantage of Latinos, a significant portion of the company’s distributors. Is she really the friend to minorities she claims to be?

Harris is already showing herself to be infit to occupy the White House. Regardless of who emerges from the Democratic Party’s primary, President Trump will be ready. Unlike Harris and other career politicians, he cannot be bought or bullied.

Read the full story here.

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