BREAKING: Kamala Harris Gets a NO – She Done…

Kamala Harris just got the “no” she wanted.

No, she is no longer positive for COVID and returned to the White House on May 3 while wearing a “well-fitting mask.”

The vice president’s spokesperson broke the news of Kamala’s test result in a statement:

“Today, the vice president tested negative for Covid-19 on a rapid antigen test. The Vice President will return to work, in person, tomorrow. Following (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines, she will wear a well-fitting mask while around others through the 10-day period.”

Harris reportedly remained asymptomatic while she isolated at her residence.

The White House claimed that Kamala worked from home during this time.

Apparently Kamala met with leaders from 15 Caribbean nations virtually during her time in quarantine.

Harris tested positive in D.C. one day after returning from a week in California. She was prescribed Paxlovid to fight the virus.

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