Justice Thomas’ Official Retirement Decision – Whoa

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been as reliable as the late Antonin Scalia in his support of the Constitution. But rumors have swirled about when the 70-year-old Thomas would retire, and we now have an answer.

“I’m not retiring,” Thomas said, speaking at Pepperdine University. He was also asked about whether he’d retire in 20 or 30 years, and his answer to both propositions was a flat “no.” This means we could have him for three more decades.

In fact, if Thomas’s health holds out to 100-years-old, he will become the longest-serving Supreme Court justice in American history, eclipsing William O. Douglas who served 36 and a half years. Thomas has already served for 27 years.

Liberal Democrats, of course, have been hoping that he’d retire for years. It is ironic and sad that the lone African-American on the court has been on the receiving end of so much vitriol from the left, and it’s because he’s a staunch conservative.

This just goes to show that liberals only care about ‘diversity’ when it suits their political interests. Race is nothing more than a card they play to achieve power, and, when it comes to Thomas, they’ve had knives out for him since the beginning.

Look no further than Joe Biden’s nasty attacks against Thomas during his confirmation hearings. As Thomas himself once wrote, “Senator Biden’s smooth, insincere promises that he would treat me fairly were nothing but talk.”

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