Justice Thomas Breaks Silence… Stuns Entire Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas isn’t known for speaking in the middle of hearings. When he does, people take notice — and this moment is no exception. He just stunned the entire court and political observers nationwide.

Thomas spoke during a case addressing whether a prosecutor discriminated against black jurors who had been summoned for the trial of a black man charged with murder. This was only the second time he’s asked a question in a decade.

But Thomas turned the tables on lawyer Sheri Lynn Johnson, who was representing Curtis Flowers, the man charged with murder and eventually convicted in Mississippi. He asked the race of jurors struck by Flowers’ defense team.

“Ms. Johnson, would you be kind enough to tell me whether or not you exercised any peremptories … were any peremptories exercised by the defendant?” Thomas asked. “They were,” Johnson responded.

Thomas then asked, “And what was the race of the jurors struck there?” She said that Flowers’ trial attorney “only exercised peremptories against white jurors.” She then quickly tried to interject that this case was only about the prosecutor.

But Thomas had effectively caught Johnson and Flowers’ defense at their own race-hustling game. He was clearly upset about the race-baiting and wanted to point out the double standard. America needs justices like Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Alito.

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