Justice Roberts Quitting Decision… Oh No

A new Quinnipiac poll indicates that nearly 60 percent of voters consider the Supreme Court “too influenced by politics.”

That’s bad news for Chief Justice John Roberts, who has long fought to maintain the perception that the Supreme Court is above partisan politics.

For example, Roberts’ dubious legal argument in favor of the Affordable Care Act seems to have been motivated, at least in part, by his need to convey political neutrality.

But now that President Trump has stacked the Court in favor of conservatives, Roberts may very well have to give up on winning the trust and respect of the left.

Ironically, it is the Democrats who have spent decades promoting judicial activism and “legislating from the bench” in order to further a liberal agenda.

But now that conservatives hold the upper hand, expect to hear demands from the left for the Court to practice judicial restraint and to honor its Constitutional limitations

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