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Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is putting an end to the popular political narrative around the Supreme Court.

Gorsuch says that justices need to stick to the constitution because the Supreme Court is not meant to rule the United States like an executive or legislative body.

Gorsuch summed up his thoughts pithily: “Nine people in Washington should not govern a continental country of 330 million people.”

It’s an extension of the originalist philosophy of his predecessor Antonin Scalia and it’s the only rational judicial philosophy in a democratic nation. If Supreme Court Justices don’t stick to the Constitution, they become de facto rulers.

Gorsuch says as much, jabbing at opponents who argue for a “living constitution” that can be interpreted to mean anything by unelected judges. “I worry some living constitutionalists will take your rights away.”

The Supreme Court is meant to be a check on the other branches, and has the final say in interpreting constitutional matters. When the Supreme Court departs from the Constitution, they hold the unchecked power to determine policy. That is not how the founding fathers intended the U.S. to be ruled.

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