JUST IN: Unexpected Trump VICTORY – Media Gritting Their Teeth

President Trump just earned an unexpected victory. Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are gritting their teeth — they are in total disbelief.

According to a recent poll, support for Trump amongst registered black voters has skyrocketed to nearly 35-percent. This is significant since his support hovered at around 8-percent in 2016.

How could this be the case? Journalist Rob Smith pointed out that “record low black unemployment” and Trump’s “signing of the historic First Step Act” have something to do with it.

Smith continued by offering a suggestion to the Trump campaign. He said the campaign should “drill down on facts, not rhetoric, to turn out a historic number of African-American voters.”

In short, Smith has concluded — and rightly so — that results are what matter to voters. This is “the only true way to reach voters of any color … and this administration has them,” he said.

Democrats and the media must be losing their minds right now. They thought that accusing Trump of racism or pursuing impeachment would work, and now they are about to suffer defeat in 2020.

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