Just In: Ukraine Bombshell… IT WAS MUELLER

The lawyer representing a Trump whistleblower had also come up with a way for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to disclose classified information if President Donald Trump had fired him before the investigation was complete, Breitbart News reported.

Mark S. Zaid is representing the whistleblower along with Andrew Bakaj, the founder of Compass Rose Legal Group. Zaid also founded Whistleblower Aid in 2017 specifically to help whistleblowers come forward about Trump.

Group co-founder John N. Tye told the Washington Post that the group wasn’t a partisan organization, but went on to criticize Trump and his administration for firing FBI Director James Comey, “lack of transparency,” and questions about whether Trump “respects the rule of law.”

The group has ties to George Soros, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Avaaz, and the ACLU, all of which are left-leaning in nature.

It’s pretty clear that a deep conspiracy to get rid of Trump has been in the works since day one of his presidency, if not sooner. The hatred is palpable on the left.

Read the full story here.

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