[JUST IN]: Tucker Carlson Risks Career – Takes Deep Breath And…

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson just risked his entire career. On national television, he took a deep breath and told millions of viewers exactly what was on his mind.

Carlson called out the radical left’s so-called ‘Climate Strike,’ which used kids as political pawns to achieve more power over the lives of Americans. It is not really about the environment at all.

“Millions of schoolchildren across America and in fact, around the world, skipped school today,” said Carlson on his show. “They weren’t playing hooky. They were instead participating in a coordinated left-wing political protest.”

He continued: “It was not about the environment. The main goal of the protesters in this country, for example, was to implement Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.”

As Americans know, the Green New Deal, which is so extreme that it didn’t get a single “yes” vote in the U.S. Senate, would fundamentally transform our economy and make us less free.

Furthermore, as Tucker pointed out, the environmental movement has hypocritically “given up on the environment” — our cities aren’t cleaner. Instead, they are using this moment to push for total government control.

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