JUST IN: Trump Pulls The Trigger – Americans Are Celebrating

President Trump just pulled the trigger and Americans are celebrating. Yet another victory is going to benefit our country for generations to come — this is how to get things down.

By working hard to make the United States energy independent, President Trump has guaranteed “that the U.S. has no vital economic interests in the Middle East,” a marked change from the past.

“This energy security gives the Trump administration more leeway in its foreign policy approach,” wrote Alfredo Ortiz for Fox Business, since we are now far less dependant on oil from the region.

In fact, noted Ortiz, “Last September, U.S. petroleum product exports exceeded imports for the first time in recorded history.” The difference now couldn’t be more clear.

With the United States gaining even more control of its energy future, we can afford to defend our national security and foreign policy priorities in the Middle East.

Now, with another presidential election this year, it is a time for choosing. Democrats have zero vision for the future; Trump is fighting for us. It is really that simple.

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