JUST IN: Trump Orders THE Investigation – Democrats Are Panicking

President Trump just gave the order to “investigate the investigators,” echoing a recent refrain of his Republican allies.

Trump declared on Twitter that Robert Mueller and William Barr have ruled out collusion, and accused Hillary Clinton and the DNC of committing the real crimes.

Attorney General William Barr announced last week that he is building an investigative team to probe the original 2016 Justice Department investigation into the alleged collusion between Trump and Russia.

Barr indicated during the announcement that “I want to make sure there was no unauthorized surveillance.”

President Trump and William Barr’s declarations have sent Democrats into a panic, because Democrats assumed that Mueller’s investigation would yield unmistakable collusion.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report is set to be released to Congress and the public on Thursday. No further indictments have been ordered based on the investigation’s content.

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