JUST IN: Trump Notifies His Staff – Big White House Announcement

President Trump just notified his staff — he has issued a major announcement through the White House. Democrats and their anti-Trump allies in the mainstream media are furious.

According to the White House, Trump has donated his third-quarter salary of $100,00 to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health to help fight against the opioid crisis that is destroying families and communities nationwide.

Since taking office, he has donated every last cent of his annual $400,000 salary, as promised, to a particular agency. Examples include agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

So, once again, Democrats have been exposed as do-nothing politicians; they simply don’t know how to handle someone like Trump and it infuriates them. And that’s because Trump is a man of his word who cares about our country.

Did former President Obama donate any substantial amount of his salary? If nothing comes to mind, there’s a reason: There isn’t anything worth noting over his entire eight years in the White House.

Trump will win re-election handily in 2020 for being someone Americans can rely on to keep his promises. He isn’t concerned with what the DC swamp thinks about him, and that’s why he always beats them.

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