Just In: Trump Jr. ATTACKED – Shocking Details Released…

Donald Trump Jr. went into the lion’s den that is “The View” and survived a slew of vicious attacks. And not only did he survive, he also exposed their shocking hypocrisy.

The hosts of the notoriously liberal TV talk show were hoping to tear Don Jr. to shreds, but he hit back hard. While discussing his new book titled “Triggered,” Don Jr. called out hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg after they attacked President Donald Trump.

Behar and Goldberg asked Don Jr. how he could excuse his father’s numerous questionable statements. He responded by pointing out the host’s own statements.

Joy Behar on a previous showing of “The View” had bragged about dressing up as a “beautiful African woman.” When Don Jr. pointed this out she denied it had ever happened, despite the evidence that was there for anyone to access.

Don Jr. also went after Goldberg, pointing out how she had excused movie director and child rapist Roman Polanski. Goldberg had tried to justify what Polanski did by saying it wasn’t “rape-rape.” So much for “all rape is rape.”

The hosts of “The View” must seriously regret bringing Don Jr. on the show. Their attacks on him failed and he exposed their shocking hypocrisy for all to see. Thanks to him we can now safely discard “The View” as a credible source of information.

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