Just In: Trump Enemy CHARGED – Facing YEARS In Prison…

A major Trump enemy was just charged with a nasty crime, and he’s facing years in prison if convicted. There’s no escape from justice — he is in deep trouble.

Michael Avenatti, the powerful anti-Trump lawyer who had presidential aspirations, has been slapped with a new fraud charge by federal prosecutors. The case related to his alleged extortion of Nike shows no signs of ending soon.

Specifically, the charge in question accused Avenatti “of lying to a client as part of his alleged effort to extort Nike,” according to the Daily Mail. He faces at least 40 years in prison if convicted of every charge against him.

Avenatti, of course, is striking a defiant tone as the case continues. Instead of mentioning the new charges against him, Avenatti noted that the charges of conspiracy were dropped and he expects to be fully cleared.

“I am extremely pleased that the two counts alleging I engaged in a conspiracy against Nike have just been dismissed by Trump’s DOJ,” he said on Twitter. “I expect to be fully exonerated when it is all said and done.”

To recap, federal prosecutors are saying that Avenatti demanded that Nike pay a coach $1.5 million and pay himself more than $20 million, or he would publicly claim that Nike pays off college basketball recruits.

Read the full story here.

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