Just In: Supreme Court News – Ruth Ginsburg Rumor Confirmed

Major Supreme Court news is spreading nationwide, and millions of people are stunned.  The rumor about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was just confirmed — we knew it all along.

During an event at Georgetown Law, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed that she had influence over her husband, then-President Bill Clinton, nominating Ginsburg for the Supreme Court.

In 1993, President Clinton submitted Ginsburg as the candidate to replace retiring Justice Byron Wright.  “I may have expressed an opinion or two about the people he should bring to the top of the list,” said Hillary Clinton.

As part of her comments, she also said, “I knew that of all the people who were part of the women’s movement she was one of the key players because of her creative understanding of the law and her sense of commitment.”

Ginsburg was actually present and on stage with Hillary, as was former President Bill Clinton. It was certainly a lovefest between the three of them, however, from a historical perspective, the discussion was interesting.

Bill Clinton noted that while settling on a nominee was “a real struggle,” he only had to meet with Ginsburg for 10 minutes to know he was going to choose her to the fill White’s seat.

Read the full story here.

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