Just In: Supreme Court Justice ENDS Speculation – It’s Over

A prominent U.S. Supreme Court justice has ended the speculation. Millions of Americans are stunned — she just told the entire country about her decision. It’s over.

During a hearing on the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Justice Sonia Sotomayor injected politics into her comments and proved, once more, that she cannot be trusted on our nation’s highest court.

“That this is not about the law; this is about our choice to destroy lives,” Sotomayor said, expressing her opinion about whether to allow President Trump to end the Obama-era amnesty program.

Criticizing Trump directly, she also  said that the “current President telling DACA-eligible people that they were safe under him and that he would find a way to keep them here” was a false promise.

“And so he hasn’t and, instead, he’s done this,” Sotomayor continued. “And that, I think, has something to be considered before you rescind a policy.”

Sotomayor clearly does not have the judicial temperament to serve. Her reasons against ending the program have nothing to do with the law — it is about personal preference and her dislike of Trump.

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