JUST IN: Supreme Court Announcement Rocks Nation…

The Supreme Court just rocked the nation with a major illegal immigration decision.

According to Fox News, The Supreme court ruled in a 5-4 decision that “federal immigration officials can detain undocumented immigrants at any time after their release from local or state custody.”

The case before the Supreme Court was brought by a group of green card holders. This ruling is a huge victory for the Trump administration.

Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion stated that “neither the statute’s text nor its structure” supported the group of green card holder’s arguments.

The decision gives federal immigration officials the ability to lock up convicted immigrants awaiting deportation after their release from prison.

President Trump has made securing the borders a top priority in his time at the White House. Although liberals have tried their best to block his efforts, this win signifies major progress towards the goal.

Read the full story here.

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