[JUST IN]: SHOT DEAD – He’s GONE – I Was Afraid Of This…

The London Bridge knife attacker was shot dead by the police, but even with him gone, the harsh fact remains that British law enforcement’s mismanagement of his case cost innocent lives.

Attacker Usman Khan had been in jail since 2012 for participating in plans to conduct a terrorist attack, but he was released last year after serving around half of his sentence.

He was a danger to the public and never should have been released, but an appeals court shortened the original sentence and ensured that he would automatically be released after eight years.

The judge who originally sentenced Usman said he and his co-conspirators were dangerous. In his words: “In my judgment, these offenders would remain, even after a lengthy term of imprisonment, of such a significant risk that the public could not be adequately protected.”

This awful attack has highlighted the need to crack down seriously on terrorism. There needs to be more serious consequences for terrorists. 8 years? Such a short sentence is a slap in the face of victims of terror.

Until something is done to fight back, awful attacks like these will continue to happen.

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