JUST IN: Shock Murder Announcement – Libs Want It Buried

Researchers based in the U.S. paid Mexican women to get pregnant, then have abortions, according to a report from Breitbart News.

The women were given hormones to stimulate their bodies to produce multiple eggs, then inseminated with donor sperm. After just four to six days, the embryos were flushed out and used for genetic testing and to compare them with embryos created through in vitro fertilization.

Some of the women were later given chemical or surgical abortions when some of the embryos remained implanted after the procedure.

“What this essentially does is use a woman’s body as a petri dish,” says Laurie Zoloth, a bioethicist at the University of Chicago. “And there’s something about that that seems so profoundly disturbing.”

Bioethicist Wesley Smith also said the research was unethical on several grounds, including creating life for experimental purposes and paying women to have abortions.

Read the full story here.

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