JUST IN: Senate Republican Stuns White House – He’s Supporting…

Senate Republicans just stunned the White House. A high-ranking GOP leader has announced who he is supporting for president and it has rocked Washington, DC.

Wisconsin will be a major battleground state this year, but Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) isn’t afraid to stand with President Trump. “He has been tormented since the day after the election,” said Johnson.

“He deserves to be reelected,” Johnson continued. He delivered these remarks at a campaign rally for Trump in Milwaukee this week to a packed arena. Energy and support for Trump are high.

Johnson should also be commended. Given the extreme political division in Washington, he could have shied away from Trump — but he’s chosen to fully embrace the president instead.

At the rally, Trump did his fair share of pumping up the crowd as well — and he even announced with confidence that Republicans are going to “win back” the House of Representatives.

It will soon be a time for choosing in Wisconsin and around the country. Contrary to the talking heads in the mainstream media, Trump is primed to win re-election handily.

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