Just In: Sad Trump Jr. Update… It’s Confirmed

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted on Monday about a transgender female cyclist–that means “she” was born male–who won a women’s championship over the other biologically female competitors.

Rachel McKinnon set a record for women’s cycling but wouldn’t have even qualified to compete in the men’s competition.

“You can never be woke enough!” Trump Jr. tweeted. “Sorry to all female athletes who spent their lives mastering their games.”

McKinnon said it would be denying her “human rights” if she wasn’t allowed to compete, even while admitting that she might have an advantage over the other competitors.

The president’s son agreed with a commenter on the post that said all of women’s gains toward equality were being “flushed” and that it was “the ultimate male privelege” to win at women’s sports.

Read the full story here.

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