Just In: Ruth Ginsburg TRAGEDY – Supreme Court Notified…

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed oral arguments on Wednesday for illness. Chief Justice John Roberts said that Ginsburg had a “stomach bug” that caused her to be absent from court for the day.

The 86-year-old justice has had four bouts with cancer in recent years and was also hospitalized for a broken hip from a fall. Democrats are desperate for her to continue in her duties to prevent President Donald Trump from getting a third Supreme Court pick while he is in office.

Some have begun to say that Ginsburg should have retired while Obama was still in office so that he could have appointed her replacement. But then, left-wingers were supremely confident right up until the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton was going to win. Hindsight is always 2020.

It may be another five long years of trying to keep Ginsburg alive and on the court, if massive rallies and record fundraising are accurate indications of Trump’s re-electability.

The court already has a 5-4 conservative majority, but Chief Justice John Roberts has not always voted with the conservative side.

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