JUST IN: Robert Mueller Devastated – It’s Over

Special Counsel Robert Mueller just received a devastating blow from Democrats. His investigation into the alleged collusion between Donald Trump and Russian officials is winding down, and Democrats are not getting the evidence they wanted.

As Democrats begin to panic, they’re turning their sites on Robert Mueller. Famous Trump enemy Adam Schiff has criticized Mueller by musing that Mueller may have not “adequately investigated President Trump’s financial dealings.”

Another outspoken Trump critic, Rep. Maxine Waters has already decided to take matters into her own hands. According to the Daily Wire, she’s begun her own investigation by questioning Deutch Bank about Trump’s financial dealings.

Democrats had absolute faith Robert Mueller when it looked like he was going to unearth the evidence they wanted. But as the truth comes out and multiple reports prove Trump’s innocence, Democrats are only too willing to throw Mueller under the bus.

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