JUST IN: Pelosi Gets Impeachment Notice – Trump Makes It Official

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just received an impeachment notice. President Trump made it official on social media and it has already been shared over 27,000 times.

“95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a Record!” tweeted Trump. “53% overall (plus add 9 points?). Corrupt Democrat politicians have brought me to highest polling numbers ever.”

Trump attributed his rising fortunes to the “Impeachment Hoax” and gave a special shout-out to Speaker Pelosi. “Thank you Nancy!” he exclaimed. We imagine she wasn’t too amused.

But the president is driving home an important point here — the impeachment farce didn’t hurt him, it helped him. Democrats thought they had an ace-in-the-hole, and they were wrong.

That’s what happens when you spend weeks conducting a clearly deceptive process in the House, pass articles of impeachment down party lines, and then expect the Senate to make up for your failures.

Unfortunately for Pelosi and her anti-Trump allies, the Senate refused to play political games and acquitted Trump in short order. Now he has months to campaign on the issues and Democrats are nervous.

Read the full story here.

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