JUST IN: New Epstein Evidence Revealed – This Changes Everything

A Dr. Oz TV special that aired Thursday has offered new information suggesting that accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s death may not have been a suicide.

A doctor who was present for Epstein’s autopsy, Dr. Michael Baden, said on the show that two key pieces of information from the autopsy are more consistent with manual strangulation than hanging.

First, there were burst capillaries in Epstein’s eyes, which generally doesn’t happen with hanging because the blood is cut off and can’t get up there.

Additionally, Epstein’s feet were not maroon or bluish from lividity, or blood pooling there after a hanging. Instead, his feet were pale.

Dr. Baden said there were “many red flags” indicating that Epstein probably didn’t kill himself, and that he was suprised the death was ruled a suicide after viewing the autopsy.

Read the full story here.

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