JUST IN: Murder Bombshell Released – Dems Want It Buried

A murder bombshell was just released and the Democrats want it buried. They are running from the truth, but they can’t hide from it forever. This is their legacy.

According to a new study in BMJ’s Journal of Medical Ethics, the current “consensus is no longer tenable” on fetal pain and, therefore, an unborn child could feel pain much earlier than once believed.

The authors, Stuart Derbyshire and John Bockmann, contrast their findings with the moral question of abortion — a discussion that Democrats would rather ignore because they are in bed with Planned Parenthood.

Derbyshire and Bockmann, of course, avoid the politics and partisanship in their paper and go straight to the research. They noted that “neuroscience cannot definitively rule out fetal pain before 24 weeks.”

In fact, they said that “the evidence … points towards an immediate and unreflective pain experience mediated by the developing function of the nervous system from as early as 12 weeks.”

Laws in pro-life states have kept up with the research as best as possible. One of the more popular laws, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, bans abortion at 20 weeks, but an update may be in order now.

Read the full story here.

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