Just In: Kellyanne Conway Marriage News – OH NO…

Kellyanne Conway’s ideological rift with her husband George Conway is well documented, now there is even more fuel on the fire.

George Conway regularly attacks President Trump for dubious reasons. It would be very safe to call him a leftist. He most recently has called for billionaire Michael Bloomberg to buy Fox News to silence its conservative influence.

Bloomberg is mulling a run for the Presidency, but at this stage in the race, it is likely too late for him to make an impact.

That hasn’t stopped rumors from spreading about his intentions to change the country. Buying up Fox News and silencing the conservative thought machine there would be a huge move.

It would also be horrible for American politics. While Fox News is far from perfect, it is the only mainstream media organization that has a real place for conservative thought.

If that voice is lost, the entirety of the mainstream media will be made up of partisan leftists more interested in propagating the Democrat agenda then chasing the truth.

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