JUST IN: Kamala Harris EXPOSED – It Looks Really Bad

2020 Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris was just exposed by Chad Aldeman of the Hill for her failure to provide complete data for her policy proposals.

The Democrat candidate recently rolled out a proposal to build a federal-state partnership that would fix the “teacher wage gap.” Aldeman found that Harris’s plan would only be a stop-gap measure, and would not fix the real problem.

Harris’s project proposal was built on data from the Economic Policy Institute. The report claimed that there is a “growing “pay gap” between teachers and their private-sector peers.”

However, the report does not account for the schedule differences between teachers and other professions. Aledeman also pointed out that “that EPI’s methods significantly undercount the true cost of teacher benefits.”

Aldeman’s analysis also revealed that “overall compensation” is rising for teachers, but much of that is seen in healthcare and pensions. Most teachers will not see it in their paychecks.

Harris has taken the EPI data and ran with it, focusing on “fixing” the problem of the salary gap. This does not address the real problem of benefits crowding out salaries, and Aldeman argues it could even make it worse for the teachers in the long run.

Read the full story here.

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