JUST IN: Impeachment SHUTDOWN News… White House Notified

New York Times columnist David Brooks predicted a “pretty clean and pretty quick” impeachment trial. Brooks thinks that the Democrat’s demands for witnesses will be shut down.

Brooks was doing an interview on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” when he said, “I expect it [impeachment trial] to be quick. Mitch McConnell seems to be wanting it to be quick. I suspect a lot of Democrats secretly would like to get this over with.”

It is no secret that impeachment is a losing issue for Democrats. In fact, it has given President Trump a lot of momentum.

Democrats simply have no evidence to use against the President. They’ve also undermined any political goodwill that Americans may have had for them.

Americans are certainly exhausted from hearing about impeachment. Many swing state Democrats may end up being voted out next year.

Brooks is likely spot on. Impeachment will get to the Senate, only to be immediately shut down.

Read the full story here.

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