JUST IN: Impeachment REVERSAL – Pelosi And Schiff Are Furious

Fox News Host Laura Ingraham said on Tuesday that Republicans need to stay united as impeachment moves to the Senate, stating that the month-long delay in transmitting the articles showed that Democrats “had no confidence in their case.”

“The politics of this impeachment stinks to high heaven,” Ingraham said. “The framers made it very clear that impeachment had to be bipartisan, to be legitimate, and the underlying conduct had to be egregious.”

She noted that not one Republican voted for impeachment in the House. “If anyone should be charged with abuse of power, it’s Pelosi and Schiff,” Ingraham said.

“Allowing new witnesses into the process at this point, it only empowers the partisans that began this madness from the beginning,” Ingraham said, urging Republicans not to give Democrats the “show trial” they want.

She also said that allowing Democrats to get what they want out of a Senate trial will only set a bad precedent that will impact presidents long after President Donald Trump is gone.

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