Just In: Impeachment NOTICE – It’s Official

A stunning impeachment notice just dropped — it’s been made official. The tension in Washington, DC, is now at a fever-pitch as both parties trade criticism and verbal barbs.

Sitting down with John Hines of One American News Network (OAN), Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), a strong ally of President Trump, called out the impeachment process as one-sided and revealed the Democrats’ dark secret.

With a formal impeachment vote in the House, Republicans would be able to call forward witnesses to publicly testify — but the Democrats “don’t want to go there.” He said this could allow “a case for and a case against.”

Meadows also said that with a formal vote, staff would be hired to help with the investigation. “I’ll take our staff with a limited budget and the right witnesses to tell the story,” he said.

“I think all America will start to realize that this president is not only being targeted, but he’s being harassed on a daily basis at the peril of getting other work done that is critically important, Meadows continued.

However, Democrats will continue to be resistant to holding a formal vote — even though this impeachment inquiry is bogus without full House involvement. Americans need to demand a fair fight.

See the full story here.

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