Just In: Impeachment Bombshell – Shock House Vote…

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) just offered his predictions on future House impeachment votes. And he’s not wrong.

The impeachment vote is going to drag on through the election year and could massively interfere in the Democrat presidential campaign.

Gohmert has asserted that impeachment is never going to make it through the Senate. Once impeachment leaves the House and the trial in the Senate begins, now Democrat candidates will be allowed to campaign.

The trial in the Senate will essentially set President Trump up for victory in 2020. But they also can’t abandon impeachment, so all they can do is to delay as long as possible.

Gohmert thinks that Democrats will delay as long as they can and nominate the “best socialist” they can.

Regardless of what happens. Americans are the real losers here, Democrats are playing games and trying to overthrow the President.

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