JUST IN: Hannity Makes It Official – America SHOCKED

Fox News host Sean Hannity said just moments after the State of the Union on Tuesday night that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s actions in ripping up the speech on camera was “one of the most classless things ever done.”

“I have seen a lot of State of the Unions over the years. Tonight, perhaps, by far the best I’ve ever seen,” Hannity said after President Donald Trump’s speech.

Hannity also addressed Democrats’ groans and murmuring during the speech, saying, “They are clearly living tonight in a very different alternative reality. Another America that I don’t recognize.” He also declared that their reaction was like a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Trump’s speech detailed the strong economic growth and other accomplishments of his first term, which Democrats refused to applaud.

With a public already tired of the rank partisanship on display during impeachment, I can’t imagine their behavior Tuesday night–led by Pelosi–earned them any points with voters.

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