JUST IN: Greg Gutfeld Shocks Viewers – He Confirmed The Rumors

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld had harsh words for Democrats as they transmitted the articles of impeachment to the Senate last week, blasting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her cohorts for their partisan actions.

“In order to sell this sham to America, they put a wedding dress on a sack of dog turds and rolled it down the aisle,” Gutfeld said on his show Saturday night.

Gutfeld pointed out that any Congress could impeach a president if the opposite party has a majority in the House and that Democrats had opened the door to “a lot more” impeachment in the future. “That’s the historic nature of this,” he said.

If we want an effective government going forward, we need to find a way to walk back Democrats’ extreme partisanship before it damages the process even further.

Voting a bunch of them out of Congress would be a great start.

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