Just In: George Conway SHELLSHOCKED – Notice Received…

Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz went after MSNBC for its biased coverage of impeachment Sunday, wondering why the network hired George Conway as a commentator other than his connection to President Donald Trump through his wife, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

“MSNBC… had Brian Williams talking to George Conway, former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, Neal Katyal who was an Obama solicitor general and Nicole Wallace, the former Republican who despises Trump on MSNBC,” he said. “On Friday, Chris Matthews was the lead anchor, they didn’t bother with journalists, and no one in the mainstream media raises an eyebrow about that.”

Conway has been virulent in his attacks on Trump despite his wife’s position in the administration.

Kurtz suggested that MSNBC only wanted to ask Conway what he thought about his wife’s support of Trump.

“How do you not mention that they’ve just sort of abandoned the notion [of journalism]… during this big news event?” Kurtz asked.

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