Just In: Fox News DID IT… Hannity Fans Are FURIOUS

The management of Fox News Channel has forbidden hosts and guests from naming the whistleblower who made a complaint against President Donald Trump that has led to an impeachment inquiry.

Some of the channel’s personalities would like to use the name of the whistleblower–reported to be Eric Ciaramella–but have been warned not to do so because of threats that the whistleblower might sue them.

Host of Justice with Judge Jeanine, Jeanine Pirro, suggested on Friday that hosts were to follow the guidelines, telling viewers that she and other employees “apparently can’t say Ciaramella’s name.” Sean Hannity also said he would “play the game for a little bit” but thought the threats of a lawsuit “wouldn’t go anywhere.”

Donald Trump Jr. drew furious criticism from the media for including Ciaramella’s name in a tweet of a Breitbart News article. Real Clear Investigation had suggested that Ciaramella was the whistleblower after their own investigation.

Trump Jr. pointed out Ciaramella’s ties to Joe Biden and other Democrats  in order to suggest a political motivation to his actions.

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