JUST IN: Donald Trump IMPEACHMENT Announcement [Alert]

Famous Trump enemy and liberal billionaire Tom Steyer just made a major impeachment announcement.

News just broke that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally submitted his report to Attorney General William Barr on Friday.

Rumors have been swirling for months that Mueller was nearing the conclusion of his investigation. The news took the nation by surprise, as Mueller refused to comment on the matter, choosing to surprise the nation by abruptly ending the probe yesterday.

Mueller also revealed that he has no plans for any further indictments. Rumors on Capitol Hill also said that Mueller hasn’t found any real evidence incriminating President Trump. This news has sent Democrats into a rage because many were banking on Mueller to provide them with the evidence to initiate impeachment proceedings.

One such Democrat, Tom Steyer, just tweeted that Trump “long ago passed the threshold for impeachment.” Steyer has been agitating for impeachment for months and seems unwilling to let the notion go, despite the lack of evidence.

Steyer cited “other continuing investigations” as proof that “the sitting president has committed crimes in office.” Steyer did not cite any specific examples of the alleged crimes. Democrats are getting desperate, as one by one, the investigations are disproving the allegations.

Steyer is among the first high-profile Democrats to turn against their former hero, saying that “even without the Mueller Report, we know that [Donald Trump] obstructed justice and committed other impeachable high crimes.”

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