[JUST IN]: Dems Shellshocked | New Witness Steps Forward | It’s Over

Democrats are in a state of shock. A new witness just stepped forward, and it could finally be over. They don’t know what to do — justice is about to be served.

Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein traffick underage girls, is reportedly preparing to speak with the FBI. She plans to defend herself and her longtime friend, Prince Andrew, from the allegations.

“Ghislaine is preparing to speak, whether by talking to the FBI or giving a statement to the media,” said a source. “She has to defend herself. She has no option. She will have to address this guilt by association.”

Attorney General William Barr has decided himself to bringing justice for all of Epstein’s victims — as many as possible — and Maxwell’s testimony will be helpful, given her close proximity to Epstein.

But this could spell trouble for Democrats. It is now well-documented that former President Bill Clinton traveled on Epstein’s plane multiple times. Epstein also had connections to other Democrats and the Hollywood elite.

The last thing Democrats want is for this case to go any further, but, if the reports are accurate, Maxwell could be the key to discovering the truth. Time will tell if she’s an honest operator or just trying to save her own skin.

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