JUST IN: Democrats Caught – Evidence Proves Hoax


Democrats were just caught red-handed. The evidence is further proof that their accusations against President Trump are nothing more than a hoax. This is the truth.

Appearing on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin,’ Mark Levin’s Fox News show, Hillsdale College professor Burt Folsom noted how FDR “operated in a quid pro quo setting almost every day of his presidency during the 1930s.”

Folsom continued: “It was accepted by the Democratic Party that that’s the way it would work. In fact, they campaigned on quid pro quo.” Now this is ironic, is it not?

Democrats have a sordid history on the matter going back nearly 100 years. In fact, Levin noted how the “modern Democratic Party” was essentially founded upon “infinite quid pro quo ideals.”

Ultimately, then, it is a hypocritical for Democrats to accuse Trump of the same behavior — especially since there is zero proof Trump has operated this way. It is all conjecture.

Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president didn’t represent quid pro quo, yet Democrats, in a rush to impeach the president, pushed the idea anyway. They are the ones with dirt on their hands.

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