Just In: Bill Barr Makes Shock Announcement – Media Rocked

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr stood up in defense of President Trump speaking at a conference hosted by the Federalist Society.

Acknowledging President Trump’s unconventional tactics, Barr pointed out that Trump “was upfront about that beforehand, and the people voted for him.”

Americans voted from Trump exactly because he is unconventional. Barr went on to talk about how Democrats do not care about the law, they only care about resisting Trump.

Barr said that Democrats, “Essentially see themselves as engaged in a war to cripple, by any means necessary, a duly elected government.”

This rhetoric may have a lot of accuracy behind it. With the testimonies in the House Wednesday, it became apparent that Democrats have nothing to impeach Trump with.

But that won’t stop them from trying. This is about resistance and overthrowing the Trump presidency by any means necessary, legal or otherwise.

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