Just In: Biden SHELLSHOCKED – It Just Leaked Online…

New documents have surfaced showing that just a month before then-Vice President Joe Biden forced the firing of Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Slokin, the Ukraine energy company paying Hunter Biden $50,000 a month undertook a massive lobbying effort of the White House to fire him.

Emails detailed requests for meetings between Burisma and the Obama administration about Slokin’s investigation and alleged corruption.

Slokin has stated that he was investigating Burisma prior to his firing and that he was warned not to continue doing so. Ukraine suspected Burisma of corruption and money laundering.

The whistleblower who lodged a complaint against Trump for a phone call with Ukraine’s president worked for Joe Biden during the time of the meetings and the firing of Slokin, and may be a material witness to the events of that time period.

Ukrainian officials have said that the only reason Hunter Biden was on the Burisma board was to protect the company from scrutiny.

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