JUST IN: Biden Is Out – Democrats REELING

Former Vice President Joe Biden is out. The Democratic Party is reeling right now — they don’t know what to do next. The worst-case scenario for them has come to pass.

Biden, predicting a major loss in New Hampshire, pulled out of the state before votes were tabulated and headed to South Carolina. Sure enough, he wound up in 5th place — an embarrassing show for his campaign.

Fox News’ Dana Perino remarked that it was “kind of smart to get him out of town,” because staying would have provided the media an opportunity to pelt him with questions about quitting the race.

Instead, Biden chose to shift to other states, such as South Carolina, where he is hoping to fair much better. Perino noted that this strategy may not pay off, but it was better than staying in New Hampshire.

According to Perino, Biden has sent a signal to his supporters: “I’m not quitting. We’re on our way to South Carolina. Bernie can have his week. We’re going to live to fight another day.”

But it could be the final blow to Biden’s campaign if he loses in South Carolina. Regardless of who becomes the Democrats’ nominee, however, President Trump is sailing to a re-election victory in November.

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