Jussie Smollett Criminal Bombshell – Developing Now…

Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett cannot escape reality. Yet another bombshell has dropped in his criminal case, and it’s developing now. This is stunning.

According to a new report, after he allegedly staged a hate crime against himself, he Googled himself at least 57 times over the course of about two weeks. The Chicago Police Department is on to his games.

This information was released by the department, along with video footage and text messages related to the case — much to the dismay, no doubt, of Smollett himself, who wants this case to go away.

And it’s exactly what he thought would happen, given that his case was shockingly thrown out by the prosecuting attorney’s office. This fact has only made the Chicago police work harder to expose Smollett.

In fact, the police continue to claim, based upon their overwhelming evidence, that Smollett absolutely staged this attack against himself and tried to blame it on conservatives.

Because of Smollett’s horrendous actions, he has hurt the victims of actual hate crimes and committed a major injustice. We can only hope that he will soon be held accountable.

Read the full story here.

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