Judge Tells Mueller ‘NO’ – Dems Are In Shock

A federal judge just told former special counsel Robert Mueller ‘no,’ and the Democrats are in shock. This is yet another major setback for their narrative on the 2016 election.

In a stunning rebuke, U.S. District Judge Dabney L. Friedrich ruled against the federal government’s claim — spearheaded by Mueller — that Russia engaged in subversive social media activity to sway the election’s outcome.

Judge Dabney’s conclusion is simple: Mueller did not provide evidence to such an assertion in his report, and neither did prosecutors. His ruling clears Concord Management, a Russian firm, of running the Kremlin’s alleged social media campaign.

“That’s not alleged in the indictment primarily because there is no evidence to support that it was,” said Concord attorney Eric Dubelier. The case arose after Mueller’s report was unsealed and information started disseminating to the public.

Judge Friedrich said, “In short, the Court concludes that the government violated [the rule known as] 57.7 by making or authorizing the release of public statements that linked the defendants’ alleged activities to the Russian government.”

Shed said that this rule violation “provided an opinion about the defendants’ guilt and the evidence against them,” which was insufficient. The rule in question states that while prosecutors can lay out the facts, they cannot call the defendant guilty so as to avoid biasing a jury.

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