Judge Jeanine Obliterates The Clintons on National TV

In her Fox show’s opening monologue, Judge Jeanine Pirro delivered a beatdown to the Clintons and the system that’s allowed them to operate unchecked. From the Benghazi scandal, to the email server sitting in a bathroom, to the Uranium One catastrophe, to the Clinton Foundation, we’re all fed up. And not just at the Clintons.

Barack Obama and his administration allowed Bill to meet with the Russians. Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor and investigator of the Russian collusion scandals, chose not to investigate Bill’s activities. The entire system permitted these corrupt actions, and now the deep state is fighting back against Trump because he’s threatening to drain the swamp. (Watch Here…)

Jack Ruby told FBI informant hours before JFK’s death: ‘Watch the fireworks’

Trump’s release of the Kennedy assassination documents is becoming more and more fascinating. For years we’ve heard that virtually anything outside the official story is merely conspiracy theory, but there’s reason to think we just don’t have the whole truth.

Newly released documents show that Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald after Oswald assassinated JFK, may have known about the assassination beforehand. The files have an FBI informant stating that Ruby called them the morning of the assassination, asking him if he “would like to watch the fireworks.”

It sure sounds like sounds like he knew what was coming. These findings are becoming increasingly interesting. (Read More…)

Report: Rupert Murdoch in talks to sell off parts of Fox empire

Anyone paying attention knows Fox is crushing it in the news media world. With a sympathetic-to-Trump stance, and a set of fiery new hosts like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and the stalwart Sean Hannity, their ratings have been worlds above their competitors.

Rupert Murdoch, the wildly successful owner of the Fox empire, has demonstrated some interest in selling parts of that empire. 21st Century Fox, the parent corporation, is massive and spans a major range of entertainment, from news to television shows and movies. Verizon, Comcast, and even Disney are trying to scoop up part of that success.

Fox is one of the few companies within the industry to remain relevant and profitable. It’s no wonder other companies are interested in grabbing a piece of that pie. (Read More…)

Trump promises justice for killed Border Patrol officer

We know he means business, too. Has there ever been more of an obvious reason to build a wall?

This past Sunday a border patrol officer, Rogelio Martinez, was killed and his partner was wounded. The two were responding to a disturbance on a highway in Texas, trailing a group of illegal immigrants, when they were ambushed.

Martinez’s wounds were gruesome, and his partner seems to have narrowly avoided the same fate. The situation is disturbing and tragic.

How many times do Trump’s policies need to be proven correct before other politicians see the need to act? (Read More…)

Murderous cult leader Charles Manson dead at 83

The infamous Charles Manson, responsible for leading a group of followers on a murderous killing spree, is dead. Manson led the group that would later be dubbed “The Manson Family” to murder seven innocent people in the summer of 1969. Working directly under the instructions of Charles, the Manson Family entered the house of actress Sharon Tate and brutally killed her and four others inside, and the next day killed two more.

The media poured tons of time into covering the event, and it has been lodged in American culture ever since. The tragic nature of the murders was made only more tragic because the murderers were puppets of Manson and his misguided ideas.

He’s gone, but will not be missed. (Read More…)

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts leaves network, reasons unclear

There’s a shakeup over at MSNBC. Thomas Roberts is a well-known and credible news anchor, and so of course, he wasn’t long for MSNBC. The official story is that Roberts’ exit is voluntary, but there’s some indication that behind-the-scenes tension could be at the root of his decision to leave.

During his years at MSNBC, Roberts earned an Emmy for his news coverage and helped make the network successful.

So why leave? Well, rumor has it that the network made a series of promises to Roberts that they never followed through on. Staffers at MSNBC believe he was “forced out.” More is likely to be revealed in the coming days. We do know, however, that Alan Gura has accepted a news anchor position on MSNBC, and that Roberts is pursuing other options.

Roberts is a well-respected anchor. Hopefully, he finds a network that upholds its end of the bargain.  (Read More…)

Nancy Pelosi says impeachment is a waste of time, Trump ‘not that important’

Can Democrats please make up their minds? First, they call Trump ‘Hitler’ while they cry out for investigations into Russian collusion that have turned out to be a “nothing burger.” We’ve heard calls for impeachment since the day President Trump took office. And now Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, says Trump is ‘not that important.’

Please, Dems, get it straight. It’s good that they seem to be putting it together that impeaching the Donald is a losing strategy, but some consistency would be great. Pelosi now says that impeaching Trump would be a waste of time because the Democrats could spend that time and energy working on real issues. What is Pelosi talking about? For a year the only issue they seemed to care about was the so-called Russia collusion.

Democrats shouldn’t impeach Trump because they have no good reason to do so. How can an entire party manage to be so delusional? (Read More…)

New photo shows Al Franken aggressively kissing radio host

Is anyone surprised that Franken is a creep? Radio host Leeann Tweeden came forward a few days ago to recall how Al Franken sexually harassed and then assaulted her — twice. Franken has for years insisted that he was a virtuous guy and touted his ethical character. Yeah right, Senator.

Tweeden was only the first of two accusers who have had to endure Franken’s disgusting advances. Lindsay Menz was attending the Minnesota State Fair in 2010, promoting her father’s business, when she took a photo with Franken. While taking the picture Franken groped Menz, and again demonstrated just the kind of power-hungry, abusive person that he is.

If Democrats want to even pretend to be consistent, they need to condemn Franken now and force him to resign from his Senate seat. We’ll see what happens in the coming days.  (Read More…)

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