Judge Jeanine Huge Bombshell – Rumors Were True…

Judge Jeanine Pirro is one of the most powerful voices for conservatism today – and almost every week, she’s dropping bombs on the left that are bigger than the week before.

This week she had Robert Mueller in her sights – and it was glorious.

In her opening statement of her Fox show “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” Pirro turned up the heat on Mueller.

Mueller has prided himself in his image as the impartial investigator, a buttoned-down lawman with no agenda but justice.

But it’s all a lie says Pirro. Mueller was charged with serving the United States not his ego, but that’s exactly what he did in his anti-Barr press conference.

The reality is that Mueller is just as much of an egomaniac as his friend James Comey – and Judge Jeanine cuts through all the static to show just that. It’s a must-watch.

Watch the full video here.

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