Judge Jeanine Drops BOMB – On Live Television…

In her opening monologue, Judge Jeanine Pirro dealt with the biggest issue in the news cycle – the death of accused pedophile Richard Epstein.

Pirro isn’t known to pull her punches, and this time was no exception.

Pirro is a well-known prosecutor with plenty of experience in dealing with high profile crime – her involvement in the Robert Durst case is well known.  She built her reputation as a tough prosecutor of sex crimes, going after predators like Epstein without mercy.

Judge Jeanine isn’t one to back down in the face of money and power. And she has nothing but contempt for those who do.

She went after Alexander Acosta, the federal prosecutor that let Epstein off the hook the first time, blasting him as a “wimp” and a “punk.” She called him “full of crap.” And that’s just the beginning.

Suffice it to say, Judge Jeanine delivered one of the most scorching takes on our modern justice system – and those who protected Epstein and his associates should be shaking in their boots right now. This is a must-watch.

Watch the full video here. (The best part starts around 4:50)

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