Judge Jeanine Crisis Announcement… Oh No

A stunning announcement involving Judge Jeanine Pirro was just released and it’s spreading nationwide. Many are calling it a “crisis” situation.

However, Pirro is pushing back against the Democrat hysteria. “Constitutional crisis — how? Because they can’t get the full Mueller report Are they all stupid? They’ve got 98% of the full report,” said Pirro.

Recently, the Democrats have ratcheted up their rhetoric concerning the Mueller report, claiming that we’re in a “constitutional crisis” because President Trump won’t meet their demands.

Democrats want to see a completely unredacted version of the report, which they have no right to see in the first place. They “weren’t even entitled” to the version that was just released, said Pirro.

“The report was written for the attorney general by the special counsel. The attorney general decided to release a four-page conclusion and offered skeptical Democrats … a secure facility, to see the whole report,” she said.

“Not one Democrat wanted to see it,” continued Pirro, exposing the Democrats’ actual intentions. They don’t care about justice; they just want to grandstand in front of the TV cameras.

Read the full story here.

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